How to Apply for Assistance

The RGWF Benevolent Fund aims to help any eligible individuals who are in need and experiencing economic strain as a result.

Complete and submit the RGWF Benevolent Fund Award application, in addition to submitting any supporting documentation.

*Note: Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please review the details of the applications in the sections below:

  1. Applications for assistance must be for a specific basic need and be accompanied by photos and/or supporting documentation (as may be required in the application) to verify that the person receiving RGWF Benevolent Fund assistance is incurring severe financial hardship.
  2. The severe financial hardship must be due to prolonged illness, catastrophic occurrence, accident or death, or a similar occurrence beyond the control of the party receiving the assistance.
  3. The RGWF Benevolent Fund is designed to cover applicant's primary residence. The RGWF Benevolent Fund is not designed to cover routine business expenses or damage to second homes/investment properties, businesses, landscaping, outbuildings, trees, fencing or automobiles.

Individuals eligible for assistance must meet one of the following "Qualified Applicant" criteria, as well as the residency criteria.

  1. Be a "Qualified Applicant" defined as one of the following:
    • A current active WCAR member who has maintained membership in good standing for a minimum of 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the application. This member applicant will otherwise be known as a "Qualified Association Member."
    • A current employee of a Qualified Association Member (limited to REALTOR members only) who works a minimum of 20 hours weekly in a real estate-related capacity.
    • A family member of a Qualified Association Member who is deemed a spouse, domestic partner or child (under the age of 18).
    • Any retiree who was a former WCAR member who maintained membership in good standing for a minimum of a consecutive 10-year period.
    • A current employee of WCAR who works a minimum of 20 hours weekly.
  2. All applicants must be Tennessee residents.
  1. All individuals requesting assistance from the RGWF Benevolent Fund shall complete an application ( and submit such application along with photos and/or supporting documentation to the RGWF staff liaison.
  2. The RGWF Benevolent Fund Committee shall administratively review requests for assistance to determine the following:
    • that proper documentation has been submitted;
    • that requests meet the non-subjective requirements set forth in these policies;
    • that the application is complete; and
    • that the individual requesting assistance hasn't met his/her maximum disbursement limit for the year.
  3. If the application is deficient for one of the above reasons or must be rejected due to the applicant having received his/her maximum assistance limit for the year, the RGWF staff liaison shall notify the applicant. The RGWF staff liaison shall also notify the RGWF Executive Committee of the deficient or rejected application.
  4. Once administratively reviewed by the RGWF Benevolent Fund Committee to determine the above-criteria have been met, the application (with the applicant's identifying info redacted) will be submitted to the RGWF Board of Trustees, who must give final approval of applicant assistance and subsequent Fund disbursement.

Various ways the RGWF Benevolent Fund can provide financial assistance in times of extraordinary need are found below, however this isn't considered an all-inclusive list.

  1. Temporary monthly living expenses
  2. Temporary monthly medical expenses that exceed insurance coverage
  3. Help with burial expenses due to lack of funds or insurance
  4. Mortgage payment assistance for those individuals unable to work due to serious and/or debilitating illness
  5. Assistance with replacing items lost in a fire, flood, tornado or other natural disaster
  6. Payment assistance toward the purchase of disability and mobility aids
  7. Assistance with adoption expenses of a relative's child due to a death in the family

The maximum disbursement available is $2,500 per individual in a 12-month period, as funds are available.

  1. Monies to support the RGWF Benevolent Fund shall come from sources other than WCAR dues, but may be raised as voluntary contributions when dues are paid or from separate contributions at other times during the year and from fundraisers held by RGWF;
  2. Contributions to the RGWF Benevolent Fund shall not be designated for a specific person or cause;
  3. All monies received and budgeted for the RGWF Benevolent Fund shall be placed in a separate account.
  4. All checks drawn upon the RGWF Benevolent Fund's account shall bear the signature of two RGWF officers;
  5. When an applicant requests assistance for purposes of paying a third-party vendor, the RGWF Benevolent Fund shall make payable and disburse checks directly to the third-party vendor when possible.

All application information provided, including an applicant's identity, is kept strictly confidential. Any RGWF Trustee serving on the RGWF Benevolent Fund Committee who breaches the confidentiality of an RGWF Benevolent Fund applicant's information or material will be immediately dismissed from the RGWF Benevolent Fund Committee and as an RGWF Trustee.


The RGWF Benevolent Fund Committee may alter, amend or repeal these Policies and Procedures and new Policies and Procedures adopted by the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the RGWF Board of Trustees in office at the time, at any regular meeting or any special meeting called for that purpose, provided that a full statement of any proposed amendments or new Policies and Procedures have been published in a written notice given to each Trustee seven days prior thereto.

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