Committee Structure


WCAR has a new committee structure for 2021. You do not have to belong to a committee to belong to one of their Task Forces. Organizational Committee Chart is shown at the bottom of the page.




This group will be focused on the overall advocacy picture for WCAR members. While working in conjunction with the various task forces in their structure, the group will be responsible for keeping WCAR out front on issues that might impact members.



This committee is tasked with developing the WCAR budget and assessing proposals that come forward prior to being considered at the Board of Director’s level of oversight. Members serving on this committee should have a very strong background in finance and should demonstrate an ability to dissect financial reporting tools.



The goal of this committee is to support the development of bylaws, rules, policies, and procedures which serve the growth and development of WCAR, and which do not conflict with the WCAR Strategic Plan.



This group will help develop projects and ideas that keep WCAR in tune with the many Community partners the association deals with on a regular basis. They will help our members raise the image of the REALTOR® to members of the public. The Community Outreach  Committee will work with various community partners in fields such as non-profit activity and community development (parks, etc.). Members of this committee will have a strong desire to identify needs and develop partnerships between WCAR and the groups we serve to promote REALTOR® relevance within our communities.



The Grievance Committee carries out the initial investigation of complaints by working out a solution between parties, referring the complaint to the Professional Standards Committee, or referring the complaint to the Court of Arbitration.



This group will oversee WCAR events and review membership numbers for consistency. Each year they will audit events and member services WCAR provides for effectiveness. They will bring action items to the Board of Directors for consideration.



An ombudsman is an individual appointed to receive and resolve disputes through constructive communication and advocating for consensus and understanding.

Boards and associations of REALTORS® are charged with the responsibility of receiving and resolving ethics complaints. This obligation is carried out by local, regional, and state grievance committees and professional standards committees.

Ombudsman procedures are intended to provide enhanced communications and initial problem-solving capacity at the local level. All associations must provide ombudsman services to their members and members’ clients and customers consistent with Professional Standards Policy Statement #59, Associations to Provide Ombudsmen Services, Code of Ethics, and Arbitration Manual.



This group will oversee all things related to Education at WCAR, from classes to seminars to designations. They will help develop new concepts and offerings and will bring these to the Board of Directors for approval.



Professional Standards Committee hears disputes from REALTOR® members and consumers referred from the Grievance Committee. The committee has the right and powers to impose disciplinary action on those in violation of the REALTORS® Code of Ethics. 



RGWF is the philanthropic arm of WCAR. This organization raises thousands of dollars annually to provide scholarships to graduating seniors and promote fine arts education in Williamson County Schools. Fundraisers throughout the year include Tacos & Trivia, a yearly WCAR Golf Tournament, wine pulls, and many more events that are collaborations with the WCAR Young Professionals Network.



This group of trustees is tasked with analyzing where our WCAR share of the RPAC dollars should go, in terms of contributions to local, county, and state legislators. You should have a strong background in politics or have served on a Government Affairs committee to opt for this group.



The Young Professionals Network will focus on events for WCAR members who are new to the profession, with a focus on those who’ve been in the business for five years or less. This task force will develop ideas to get newer members involved at WCAR. Click here for more information.


Task Force List: 

Under Advocacy Committee

Community Ambassadors Task Force

This group will be made of 2 people each from Franklin, Brentwood, Fairview, Spring Hill, Nolensville, and Williamson County. This is a highly selective task force, and each member will attend as many meetings/forums as possible for their area, bringing details back to the committee when something important to the industry is found. 


Voter Engagement Task Force

This task force will assist with various opportunities to increase real-time communication about current issues with the goal of getting more local governance awareness and voting activity on matters important to the industry.


Under Community Outreach Committee

Global Council Task Force

If you’re interested in a ground floor opportunity to develop an in-depth Global Council focused on foreign investors, this is a great place for you. WCAR looks to blaze a trail in Tennessee with the development of this Council.


Under Member Services Committee

Broker Engagement Task Force

This group will look at ways to increase our Broker and Managing Broker involvement in WCAR activities, from classes to networking events.


Celebration of Excellence Task Force

Members of this task force will help organize the annual Celebration of Excellence awards banquet and will meet fairly regularly in the months leading up to the event, which is usually held in February.


Golf Tournament Task Force

This group will work with staff and an Event Planner to make sure the annual WCAR Golf Scramble, benefitting the REALTOR® Good Works Foundation, is a success.


Luncheons Task Force

Those serving on this task force will help plan and carry out the luncheon events that WCAR holds each year, including the two general membership luncheons (one in the Spring, one in the Fall).


Under Professional Development Committee

Esteemed REALTOR® Institute 


The ERI taskforce is a newly formed task force established to plan how and where to market the new program of Esteemed Realtor Institute over the long term and to implement this program in such a way as to encourage our members to participate for their benefit.  This taskforce’s goal is to help our members understand the importance of following an educational path that aids those starting out and those with experience, by working up a marketing plan which reaches our members, resulting in course signup.


Programming Task Force

This group will be charged with working alongside the Professional Development Director in charting the schedule of classes for the coming year and developing ideas for new classes.




*Grievance Committee Requirements: Members of the Grievance Committee must hold active Broker's license or have held a real estate license for no less than three years. May serve two consecutive 3-year terms before taking one year off. Must take an annual Professional Standards class and sign a confidentiality agreement.
**Professional Standards Requirements: Members of Professional Standards must hold active Broker's license or have held a real estate license for no less than five years plus have served 1 yr on Grievance Committee. May serve two consecutive 3-year terms before taking one year off. Must take an annual Professional Standards class and sign a confidentiality agreement.

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