The Rob Report: September 2018

The Rob Report: September 2018

  Greetings WCAR Members!

So, how does it feel to be a part of the fastest growing large local REALTOR® Association in the state of Tennessee?  Yes, the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® saw our membership numbers increase by more than 22 percent from August of 2017 to August of 2018!  That is phenomenal growth and is one indication that our market remains strong and vibrant.

Another indication comes from the monthly statistical reporting that Realtracs provides.   For the first time ever, the average home price in Williamson County has broken the $600,000 barrier and sits at $608,000.  In addition, the average median price is higher than ever.   Inventory is holding steady around 2,600 units and average days on market remains in hyperdrive, at just 34 days.

There are anecdotal flashes of negative news that predict a slight to moderate slowing of these trends in the coming months or years.  It’s always wise to keep a watchful eye, but let’s try to stay positive and focus on the incredible opportunities our real estate market offers.   We are so fortunate to live in an area with a dynamic and diversified economy; a place with great schools, neighborhoods, scenic beauty and lots to do.  Sometimes it takes a relative newcomer (like myself, having lived here just 18 months) to remind those who’ve been here a long time how wonderful this area truly is.   New industry and jobs are coming to this County monthly and we have the now unfortunate dilemma of having an unemployment rate so low that employers are scrambling to fill positions.

Certainly, we are not insulated completely from recessionary forces, and we will eventually see a downturn of some proportion, hopefully modest.  For now, let’s enjoy this incredible market and as my old real estate partner used to say, “make hay while the sun is shining.”   It’s also a great time to reconnect with your association and offer your time and talent to any number of projects that lie ahead in coming months.  Stay tuned for information on how to get involved as we become a more nimble and forward thinking association.  WCAR strives to be inclusive and diverse.  We welcome our members to stop by, take classes here, serve on a committee or task force and attend all of our events.

Thanks for being a part of this fantastic association as we approach a membership that will top 3,000!  Each one of you has a special place at WCAR!


Rob Wigton


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